Kyrgyzstan Bikepacking
Malik Alymkulov
The route is simple without significant climbs but it still is physically demanding due to the long distance. It is very close to the city, it starts and finishes in Bishkek. The route is looped, so you won't have to worry about transportation to return to Bishkek. You will learn a lot not only about the simplicity of rural life outside of Bishkek but also explore the archeological remains of true Silk Road medieval cities. This route can be considered as a shakedown or acclimatization ride before your odysseys in the Kyrgyz Mountains.
Tristan Bogaard, Belen Castello
The Bishkek Spectacular is a small loop south of the capital city, for which you'll need between 4 and 7 days depending on your stamina and riding preference.
Tristan Bogaard, Belen Castello
Set in Kyrgyzstan, the remote Expedition Alay bikepacking route connects the ancient city of Osh with the barely developed Alay Valley at a height of 3,000 meters, traversing two daring passes that are navigable only by foot, bike, or horse and barely see a soul pass through. Factoring in the natural wonders you'll witness along the way, it's a route you won't soon forget...
Tristan Bogaard, Belen Castello
The At-Bashi mountain range, located in the southern centre of Kyrgyzstan, is one of the country's lesser-known ranges. Yet many tourists travel the asphalt road connecting Naryn to China and the gravel road from Naryn to Kel-Suu. Parts of these roads are even part of popular bikepacking routes such as the Tien Shan Traverse and 2019's Silk Road Mountain Race. Despite this, there's still no real route that makes a full loop around the At-Bashi mountain range. Well, we're here to change that.
Nelson Trees
The Silk Road Mountain Race is our attempt to showcase some of the most beautiful and wild areas of Kyrgyzstan. Each year we try to include something new to share with the community of racers who come out to join us in this incredible country. We strive to create the perfect setting for them to test themselves against each other and the awesome natural setting of this mountainous wilderness. The third edition will be no different, with the race seeing more substantial changes compared with the last two iterations.The third edition of the Silk Road Mountain Race is a small step up in terms of difficulty compared with the last two races, it will follow a 1804 kilometre route with roughly 30,500 meters of climbing. It will again take riders through the remote mountain landscapes of the Tian Shan range in eastern Kyrgyzstan. There are however, a few notable changes, described in more detail below.
Joe Cruz
Kyrgyzstan soars to every superlative and defies you to invent new ones. It's beautiful, culturally compelling, and physically challenging: Grass carpet single and double track for days through rolling river valleys between 5,000 meter snow covered peaks, delirious mountain passes with the clack and rattle of scree under tires, and friendly and outgoing nomadic horsemen herding sheep and cattle. This central asian country will race your heart and is a dreamscape for adventurous cyclists.
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