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Several times a year, we organize our own bikepacking trips in Kyrgyzstan. Many of our adventures are documented and posted on our social media. Very often we invite a small number of people to join us. We will continue organize them always because it has become our good tradition. Going out of town on a bike and camping out of town at night has become a necessity in our lives.
* Take advantage of our bikepacking travel guide service
Bikepacking Kyrgyzstan can provide you with a tour guide and assist in planning your bikepacking trip in Kyrgyzstan!
My name is Malik. I am the founder and editor of this website and I can be your tour guide and toure planning assistent.
I have 4 years of bikepacking extensive experience and skills in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and 16 years of 4WD photo expeditions around the country.
I participated in the Silk Road Mountain Race three times and finished two of them.
I am thrilled to assist you in planning your route and getting full scale of bikepacking experience in our country.
Check out some of my bikepacking trips below in the feed.
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