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"Bishkek Eastern Compass"
March 19, 2024
by Malik Alymkulov

Bishkek Eastern Compass
A bikepacking round trip from and to Bishkek

Description and overall idea

I am super excited to embark on a thrilling bikepacking expedition to scout a new route and explore some stunning locations in the Chui, Issyk-Kul, and Naryn regions of Kyrgyzstan! The route will start and end in the capital city of Bishkek, covering an impressive distance of 511-545 km.
In 2021, I attempted to reach Lake Kul-Ukok near the town of Kochkor but crashed off my bike in one of the villages in the Kochkor Valley; that accident prevented me from reaching the lake! I will give it a new try but this time riding from an alternative direction.
I have never climbed the legendary Kegety Pass from the south, which is why I am thrilled to include the climb to the route in the opposite direction! Let's do this!
However, I am not giving up on my dream! My goal is not only to see the Kөl-Ukөk lake but also to conquer Kegety Pass from the southern slope! In the summer of 2023, Tristan and Belen completed a circle and built a route they named "The Bishkek Spectacular - a Loop from and to the Capital"! The route includs the Kegety, Karakol, and Tөө-Ashuu passes! Bishkek's geographical location allows for a ride around the city on both its western and eastern sides, exploring completely different locations, tracks, valleys and passes! Praising the nearly rideable glorious Kegety Pass playing as a gate to untouched valleys of the southern slopes of the mountain ridge towering up over Bishkek city allowing riding loops around the Capital on both directions. If Tristan and Belen have built a track from the west, why not also build it from the east?! Thus, the idea of scouting and possibly building a new route was born! It should be a logical addition to the tour created by Tristan and Belen. Now, all that is left is to ride it myself and gather enough information to build the trail!

All are welcome to join this adventure.
Two riders will be accepted to the expedition.

Based on the results of the expedition, the final track and route description will be compiled, described and posted on for public access.

A draft name of the route could be "Bishkek Eastern Compass".

Total distance: 511-545 km. There are several route options. The shortest is the easiest. The longer one has more dirt roads and is longer in total distance. The final route will be worked out later.

Duration: 5-7 days

When: June 29 - July 7, 2024

MTB and Gravel bikes

Guide and tour coordinator: Malik - founder

Who: Two riders are welcomed to join expedition

Unsupported: Everyone is responsible for its own food, water, supplies, tents, sleep system, bike

Navigation: GPX file for your navigation app or dedicated device will be provided for download

Photography and Videography: We will be filming our tour. There'll be many stops
Program: (Daily plan)
Will be provided later

Riding along Oktorkoy Mountains and Boom Gorge

Kubaky pass 2160m, descent to the Ortotokoy reservoir and panorama of the reservoir

Exploring Tuura-Suu River and Kyzylmoinok Mountains

Enjoying beautiful views of two lakes - Issyk-Kul and Kөl-Ukөk

Yurt camping at Kөl-Ukөk Lake

Valley of the Kochkor River and pastures along the banks of the Eastern Karakol River

Scythian burial mounds in Kochkor Valley

Overcoming the Kegety pass from south to north

Camping with tents

Exploration of new routes
How to join:
Send me e-mail through the form below or contact via Instagram direct message.
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