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One day we were coming down from the pastures on the southern slopes of the MELS Turdaliev Pass (3450m) in Ak-Talaa. It was the fourth day of our bicycle trip. By four o'clock in the afternoon we had rolled up to the junction of the asphalt road and the dirt road to the Tash-Rabat pass. I was called home urgently. My friend decides to continue to the caravanserai on his own. At the crossroads an empty bus picks me up, its passengers being tourists who had been left to stay overnight at Tash-Rabat caravanserai.
We struck up a frank conversation with the driver. Meeting a local biker for the first time, the driver, an old man of preretirement age, began to take a lively interest in my passion of multiday biking adventures, making no secret of his bewilderment. We chatted vividly while riding a comfortable bus in the heart of the continent, in a high mountain valley, on the new road connecting the two sides of the continent - the Great Silk Road. The old man asked me questions relentlessly, and I looked at him trying to find an explanation of why I was doing it - climbing the mountain passes on a bicycle and crossing the valleys that for many of us are "all this world". For people of his generation, cycling is childish.
"You have adolescent maximalism!" - he concluded.
"Eh aksakal (respectful way of addressing the older man in kyrgyz) if you knew my age, you'd probably call it a mid-life crisis," - was my playful answer.

We were approaching the village of At-Bashi, near to the border with China. The old man suggested that I stay at his house for the night. Normally, under similar circumstances, I would accept such an invitation.
The minibus driver was a curious old man who wanted to know more about me. And I wanted to share with him my stories of adventures and discoveries of the world around me.

We would like to listen and share stories around us about places and communities in this part of the world.

Working on the social media pages and website, compiling publications, filming trips, is voluntary and based on personal enthusiasm.

In general, the main idea of Bikepacking Kyrgyzstan website is to collect and publish stories about bicycle travels in the Concept of Bikepacking in Kyrgyzstan.

The bicycle traveler has one amazing positive site.
The bicycle traveler is like a guiding star of peace and well-being.
Take a closer look. When you see a lone traveller on a bicycle rolling in the far, it can only mean that this place, this country, is a peaceful, safe, quiet and prosperous place on earth. The place you live in.

Even if something will be commercial, everything will go to the making this website live, social pages and possible projects of some kind.

In the interest of integrity, all published materials are credited to authors and original sources.

With best regards,
Malik Alymkulov, founder and editor
photo: rugile kaladyte
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