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2022 Season Rig and Bikepacking Kit assembled in Kyrgyzstan
October 13, 2022
by Malik Alymkulov
I have been riding my new bike since the middle of May 2022. It was assembled from components of basically the same brand. Kirill from Extremal Bikeshop put it on the wheels.
My new bike is a gravel bike with a rigid fork, a larger frame and larger wheels than on my previous machine. A gravel bike with a flat bar and a transmission designed for mountain biking. I tried to build a bike with some road specifications and at the same time with plenty of room for off-road, the handlebar and transmission give mountain bike capabilities. Affordable price of components, low weight and attractive look of the gravel bike, finally stopped my choice on the frame and components of Sonder Camino. Sonder is a British brand of bicycle manufacturer. The clearance of the fork and frame allows it to install 650b rims and mountain size 2.2 tires. However, in an effort to achieve less weight, I decided to put lightweight 700c rims, and with the characteristics of the fork and frame, the maximum recommended size for these wheels could be 2.0, which is generally Ok for an acceptable ride on the highlands off-road trails and single-track mountain passes.
Larger frame size and a different geometry compared to the mtb, allowed to place a larger bag on the frame, for some hiking accessories, supplies of food and related little things. Bottle cage mounts on the fork and under the frame sides under the frame and on the fork gave opportunities to place containers for cargo.
I really appreciate the look of this bike's geometry.
I started ordering and collecting components in late December 2021 and by mid-May the bike was assembled in its complete, planned configuration.
So, the main elements :
- Sonder Camino aluminum frame with a kit carbon fork. Bought the frame on Dec 30, 2021. And the price for the frame increased by 66% by summer 2022.

- Lightweight Sonder Alpha 700c aluminum rims and inexpensive American Classic Krumbein 700x50c (2.0) tires. Both brake rotors are 160mm. I was a little worried about this set of wheels. The specs say they're designed for road and gravel riding, and I dragged them up 3,000 rocky mountain passes with no hint of even gravel road surfaces. The most optimistic expectations were fulfilled. From May until today, I haven't had any technical problems with the rims, spokes and hubs. They are great on asphalt and the roadsides, on which I prefer to ride when out of town. They're comfortable to ride up non-asphalt mountain passes when the bike is loaded with a full set of biking gear, a couple of liters of water, and provisions. These are my first tubeless rims and tires and I'm absolutely happy with them. I haven't had a single puncture since May to this day, and the tires haven't required any additional repairs.
- Shimano Deore 1x11 32/11-51 drivetrain
- Shimano Deore hydraulic brakes
- Sonder Confucius handlebar.
- Sonder Zone saddle and Deda Zero seatpost

- Custom Framebag with 3 compartments, made specifically for this frame by Alexey Matafonov.
- Previous model of Alpkit Deluge Saddle Pack 12L.
- Bike Packing Cockpit Bundle from Alpkit on the handlebar and top tube.
- On the handlebar is the Front End Loader Bag Mount by Oveja Negra.
- Dry Bag from Restrap.
- Extra handlebar bag - Lunchbox Handlebar Bag by Oveja Negra.

Two front lights.
- One is a Rockbros 800lm,
- The second light is also 800lm, from an unknown manufacturer.

Rear lights:
- 1# Rockbros
- 2# from an unknown manufacturer.

- Navigation device is Garmin eTrex20 and phone as a backup.

Camp and sleeping gear.
- Alpkit Soloist or Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape tarp tent (for Silk Road Mountain Race).
- Bivy bag - Alpkit Kloke.
- Sleeping bag by an unknown manufacturer rated at -5 degrees, relatively compact and weights 1100g.
- Alpkit Cloud Base air mattress.
- Titanium 550ml mug (for Silk Road Mountain Race).
- 2 gas canisters of 100g (for Silk Road Mountain Race).
- Naturehike gas stove.
- Homemade pad from a car sunshield reflector (no need to inflate and fold the mattress on warm days).

Clothing for harsh conditions.
- Lightweight down jacket (a must for mountain trips).
- Waterproof jacket, pants and gloves (a must for mountain trips).

In addition to what's been said this was my rig and kit for SilkRoadMountainRace2022
  • Malik Alymkulov
    Founder & Editor
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