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March 5, 2024
by Malik Alymkulov
It's an incredible feeling to help someone fulfill their long-awaited dream of cycling across this country. It can only be compared to the first time when I was competing in a super race of SRMR.
Juraj asked me to help discover Kyrgyzstan and ride together along an extremely popular route. 10 days of a dream bikepacking journey across the Celestial Mountains of Kyrgyzstan.
The original and ancient name of these mountains is Tengri Mountains. Tengri means the Lord of Heaven, the Celestial God. Ancient Eurasian nomads from Scythians before the Common Era till Kyrgyz and Mongols called these Mountains "Tengri". Later Chinese explorers and diplomats of 1 millennium BCE started traveling this land to establish trade and seek allies. Chinese "Tian-Shan" is a transcript of an original "Tengri Mountains" called by indigenous nomad people. Kyrgyz people as natives of this land call these mountains Tengri Tou (Tengri Mountains). Pyotr Semenov, is the first European explorer who studied these mountains and first named them Tian-Shan into science. More facts about Kyrgyzstan with the local bikepacking guide.
In this video, Juraj, a Slovak bikepacker, spent 10 days traversing Tengri Mountains with the local guide mainly following the famous and popular Tian Shan Traverse Bikepacking Route of Juraj chose the reverse and shorter version of the track starting from Bishkek and finishing in Barskoon town of Issyk-Kul Lake.

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