Racing across
the Mountains of Heaven
5 short films about the second edition of Silk Road Mountain Race
Film 1. Kegeti

In the second edition of the PEdALED Silk Road Mountain Race, we'll be showcasing five of the highlights of this year's route through a series of videos that we'll be posting as the race is taking place. We'll be combining a local perspective with the racers' viewpoint in each video. The first instalment takes us to Kegeti, the first pass of the race and also the biggest climb of the whole event. As was the case last year, a violent snowstorm marked the first day for everyone tackling this massive ascent.
Film 2. Son Kul

The second instalment of our five part series of videos on #SRMR2019 takes us to Son Kul, a stunning alpine lake in the hear of Kyrgyzstan. It is one of the great Jailoo or summer pastures of the country, with shepherds bringing there flocks up here for the summer months. During this time they live in yurts on the shores of the lake. Son Kul is also the location of Checkpoint One, an island of warmth and comfort in what have been difficult weather conditions so far.
Film 3. Kel Suu

The third instalment of our five part series of videos on #SRMR2019 takes us to Kel Suu. A village lost deep in the border zone with China. We speak to locals who live here all year round, looking after their herds and working in the growing tourism industry during the summer months. We show a little of the atmosphere at the checkpoint as riders dry out and prepare for the next stretch of the race. Finally, we catch riders making their way out of the valley via the infamously steep 'Old Soviet Road'.
Film 4. Ton Pass

The fourth instalment of our five part series of videos on #SRMR2019 takes us to Ton. A mountain pass that looms over Issyk-Kul at 4013m. This is the highest point of the race. We speak to locals who have lived here for generations, looking after their herds high in the summer pastures at the foot of the pass. We catch riders on their way up and over the pass in the ever-changeable Kyrgyz weather. At this altitude things change quickly and storms roll in regularly. We also catch up with Cap #41, Klaus Thiel who we saw previously on Kegeti. He was well and truly back in the race and in high spirits.
Film 5. Kok-Oirock and Cholpon-Ata

The fifth instalment of our five part series of videos on #SRMR2019 takes us to Kok-Ayrik and the onto the finish at Cholpon Ata. It's a mountain pass that was meant to link Almaty in Kazakhstan with the beach resort town of Cholpon Ata. It now lies in ruins after dozens of landslides have ruined the old road. Despite the damage to the road, this is where SRMR2019 riders must pass to finally make it to the finish line. It was almost universally described as the toughest section of the race. The descent was a steep hike, while the descent was marred be fields of boulders and rockfall. Finally, the finish by lake Issyk-Kul in Cholpon Ata was the ultimate reward for these weary riders. The chance to return to civilisation, have a well deserved beer and let the reality of what they have just achieved sink in. We caught the arrival of the last rider to finish SRMR2019 as he came in at 22.57, barely more than an hour before the final cut-off, savouring the rider until the last possible moment...
Produced with the support of PEdALED, Canyon & Brooks England
Filmed and edited by Evgeni Chistyakov
Cover photo @madproductions
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