Mirlan Abdulaev: Working in the SRMR* Media Team
"This year (2023), in the SRMR project, I worked as a second cameraman. There were two cameramen and three photographers. Everyone traveled in different cars. During the trip there was no time to shoot a vlog, but you can get a rough idea of the SRMR route. In fact, this video is more of a backstage, there was not much time to shoot vlogs, mostly I shot documentary and when I remembered about my GoPro, then I shot myself). It was an unforgettable experience for me and a super challenging experience for the riders" - Mirlan.

A couple of days ago, Mirlan shared a link to his video. I immediately decided to create this publication, finding video extremely fascinating. At that moment his video had gained approx. 11k views, and at the time of publishing this post it has already been viewed more than 13k times.
Mirlan has been filming SRMR* since 2019 it's second edition. That year I first met Mirlan flying a drone while I was descending from the Kөk-Oyrok pass before the finish in Cholpon-Ata (watch that moment here).
* SRMR - Silk Road Mountain Race, Kyrgyzstan
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