Gergert Sport supports
Kyrgyzstan's female riders
Silk Road Mountain Race 2023

We are very pleased that Gergert Sport, as a representative of the kyrgyz local business, expressed their willingness to support the Kyrgyzstan Female participants in the Silk Road Mountain Race 2023.
Evgeny Hoffman, a filmmaker who worked on video content for Gergert Sport at that time, invited me to a meeting with a key representative in Gergert Sport in spring of this year.
Gergert Sport is a Bishkek-based retailer of sports goods and services.
Back in the fall of 2022 Evgeny contacted me and expressed his desire to film for I offered him two or three ideas, among which was the filming of two female participants in the upcoming race this year, in particular the story of two girls who are going to participate in the race.
Now, having moved to a new role in the organization, Evgeny, as a representative of the business, is actively involved in the planning of some aspects of the preparation and participation of Aiperi and Aishoola in the race. After our next meeting all-together, Gergert Sport reaffirmed their commitment to support girls and move on to the next phase of their preparation for the race.
Thu May 2023
  • Malik Alymkulov
    founder & editor
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