Bikepacking Overnighter


Bikepacking Kyrgyzstan is pleased to invite two persons to join our two-days bikepacking trip visiting Balasagun (Burana) and Suyab remains of ancient Silk Road cities

We will start our journey in Bishkek following a bike lane along Prospekt Mira street toward Boz-Bolok hills with the huge flag on the top. Then we cycle the asphalt road to the mountains of Ysyk-Ata area and find a proper spot for our camp somewhere in the area after about 55km of riding. The other option is to ride the next 20 km and set up tents next to The Farm Guesthouse Yurt Camp.

We will reach our first sight of the remains of Balasagun (Burana) medieval town before midday as we ride the asphalt road all the way down there.

Ruins of Suyab will be our next destination which is just about 17 km mix of road and dirt ride from Balasagun.

Our long stretch back to Bishkek is mostly flat ride will let us observe rural areas of Chui Valley while we enter Bishkek from the east at Alamedin area (там где водится кракадиль).
When: 17-18 September, 2022

Total distance:
180 km

Vehicles: MTB and Gravel bikes

Who: We expect 2 (max.) riders who previously rode to Burana or at least 100 km/day on a regular basis.

Who we are: Malik - bikepacking.kyrgyzstan founder; Glen - Malik's friend from Singapore

Photography and Videography: We will be filming our tour. There'll be many stops.

Unsupported: Everyone is responsible for its own food, water, supplies, tents, sleep system, bike.

Navigation: GPX file for your navigation app or dedicated device will be provided for download.

Support us: We do not force you or even do not expect from you but would be very much glad if you donat 500-1000 som. We will spend your donation on our Tilda based website.

  • Panorama view of Bishkek from Boz-Boltok hills

  • Panorama views around the villages of Gornaya Serafimovka and Toguz-Bulak

  • Riding paved roads on the upper side of Chui Valley

  • Observing ruins and remains of the ancient cities

  • Riding gravel road along the irrigation canal

  • Enjoying camping and outdoors
who we are
  • Malik
    bikepacking.kyrgyzstan founder
  • Glen
    Malik's friend from Singapore
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