We've known Aishoola since last fall. It was after I met Tristan Bogaard & Belen Castello when they interviewed me for
Aishoola, Tristan & Belen were already friends at that time. Since then Aishoola and I have been in touch, exchanging information about bikepacking, cycling, and race preparation. At the moment Aishoola is one of the two girls who have applied for the race.
Read about Aishoola's motivation and plans and maybe you'll want to support her. Read more info below.
Мы знакомы с Айшоолой с осени прошлого года. Это случилось после моего знакомства с Tristan Bogaard & Belen Castello, когда они брали у меня интервью для Айшоола, Tristan & Belen на тот момент уже были друзьями. С тех пор мы с Айшоолой подерживаем связь обмениваясь информацией касающейся байкпэкинга, велопутешествий и подготовки к гонке. Айшоола является на данный момент оной из двух девушек которые подали заявку на участие в гонке.
Читайте о мотивации, планах Айшоолы и, может быть, у вас возникнет желание поддержать её. Далее подробности читайте ниже.
Why is it important for me to compete in the race?
Women in Kyrgyzstan face significant challenges in pursuing their athletic dreams due to 'societal and cultural norms' that often limit the opportunities for women to participate in sports, especially in remote areas, and many of us are forced to give up the ambitions due to lack of resources and support. This situation is unfortunate, as I believe that sports is a powerful tool for empowerment and can provide opportunities for personal growth and development. I want to shed light on the lack of support for women in sports in Kyrgyzstan and aim to inspire a change in cultural attitudes towards women's freedom of movement.

I have been purchasing necessary items, paying the entry fee and my training from the humble salary and savings I own. However, the race is expensive and I need your support. Your donations will help me to lessen the financial and material barrier, and will let me purchase durable camping gear – a tent, a sleeping bag to keep me warm in -8C (-17F) environment, ultralight cookware, technical equipment, tools and repair kit, and a GPS device. It will also help me to cover shipping of the parcel to Kyrgyzstan and have a warm meal and a night in a guest house during the race. Your donations will help me to get to the start line and be fully equipped for the 15-day-bikepacking race in August 2023.
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