Aiperi Bakirova. Aiperi is an anesthesiologist by profession and works in the intensive care unit of the traumatology department of the 4th City Hospital in Bishkek. She lives in the village of Sary-Bulak near Karabalta (a town 50 km west from Bishkek).
"For the past three years, I am fond of cycling, and motorcycling. I learned about the race on the Internet, the race aroused an emotion (admiration) in me and I feel that there was a desire to ride this race and to believe in and test myself. I feel that my body demands it. Riding a bike gives me the ultimate pleasure and I can't yet explain why I started to ride, I just love it. My cycling experience is limited to my participation in the cycling races that we organize with the children of the Karabalta orphanage that I periodically visit with my friends".
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